About Us

Indian food is as diverse as its people with the culmination of various cultures, traditions, and roots. We as a country have a rich source of many hidden food treasures which has a lot of aspects to improvise human health, but over the years with modern world transformation and fast-paced lifestyle people have adapted themselves to processed and unhealthy foods which are in-turn making them prone to many health ailments.
It is with this core concern that PalikaShop came into being – to bridge the long-standing gap of making traditional food and fresh produce available to consumers in the easiest means possible. PalikaShop is an online store for consumers to opt for healthier alternatives to their day-to-day needs. As a responsible brand, PalikaShop also offers an exclusive category for sustainable products to help consumers contribute to an eco-friendly environment for upcoming generations.
PalikaShop, has made cooking easy for you. Easy to cook and ready to eat food, with the same nutrition and values passed over from generations. PalikaShop sources its products directly from the farmers in southern India, bringing wholesome, healthy and natural grown food to your table.
Be the change, from fast food to healthy ones, from mass produced to home/farm grown, from the earth to your table.
Change begins from within. Come; let’s together build this change for a better tomorrow and healthy lifestyle. Be the change you wish to see in your life with PalikaShop.