Haemovite 100 g & fiberovita 100 g & iSTAMINA 150 g & Vel-d-tox-150 g


HaemoviteHaemovite is a mighty nutritious superfood that simultaneously nourishes the body – promot..

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Haemovite is a mighty nutritious superfood that simultaneously nourishes the body – promotes natural energy, vigour & endurance.


Palmyra Sprout is widely believed to prevent constipation, reduce cardiac problems, improve blood circulation and it helps in reducing the risk of diabetes by increasing insulin response.


Veetoon’s iSTAMINA is 100% natural, selected from native breed moringa trees, grown by small groups of farmers in India.


It is believed that twigs of pirandai has a special character of helping digestion, and strengthen bones and joints.

Haemovite Benifits:

·        Working professionals use the refreshingly-tasty haemovite every day to cope with stress and fatigue.

·        Pregnant women benefit by using haemovite to maintain their hemoglobin levels.

·        Serves as a great natural protein supplement for athletes and body-builders (contains 27% protein).

·        Helps new mothers with increased lactation.

·        Regularizes menstrual cycle and ensures painless periods in women.

Fiberovita Benifits:

·        Controls high cholesterol and high sugar levels in blood.

·        Provides satiety and helps in weight loss.

·        It helps in prevention and management of constipation & intestinal cancer.

·        FiberoVita when taken with palm jaggery helps in increasing iron levels in blood.

·        FiberoVita when taken with coconut milk can strengthen uterus.

·        Increases enzymatic activity throughout the body.

·        Reduces body heat.

·        Powerful booster for the immune system.

·        Increases body growth and body radiance (shiny).

·        Strengthens internal organs.

·        Reduces stomach and kidney problems.

istamina Benifits:

·        90 key nutrients» 40% antioxidant compounds

·        18 essential amino acids  

·        2x Protein of Yogurt

·        4x Vitamin A of Carrots

·        3x Potassium of Bananas

·        4x Calcium of Milk

·        7x Vitamin C of Oranges

·        Helps regulate sugar levels and stimulates insulin secretion.

·        High levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin C enhances brain performance.

·        Stabilizes the body by acting as a detoxifying agent. 

·        Increases vitality and libido levels.

·        Improves eyesight.

·        Helps prevent heart diseases.

·        Reduces fat and helps in regulating blood pressure levels.

·        Increases lactation in feeding mothers. 

·        Helps in curing anaemia. 

·        Strengthens bones.

·        Aids in weight loss.

VEL-D-TOX Benifits:

·        Boosts your appetite. Treats indigestion.

·        Prevents oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, gastritis, flatulence, and constipation problems.

·        Helps your body to fight against intestinal worms, anal itching, bleeding piles & haemorrhoids.

·        Acts as an aphrodisiac (increases sexual desire).

·        Relives throat from asthma, gout and allergic symptoms.

·        Helps the bones recover faster from fractures.

·        Presence of calcium keeps your teeth, bones and knee joints strong and healthy.

·        Efficiently detoxifies the body off all its chronic accumulated waste.

·        Essential vitamins & minerals like vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc & sodium; all of which offer advantageous antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

·        Produced in an authentic traditional fashion with the best quality ingredients.


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