Zen Workshop - How to become rich

You want to be a rich man; You want to be recognized by others. You want to live with fame. The fact that you are attending this workshop is proof of all your desires.
You have only reasonable desires. If a man has no desire to achieve something, he becomes lazy and becomes a burden not only to himself but also to society.

All human desires are secretly frozen within everyone. If we look at its fulfillment in everyone’s life, at most five percent of people’s wishes are fulfilled. Ninety-five percent of people live and die in longing, not knowing how to fulfill their desires. But as you are going to learn this art you are going to turn your wishes into reality.

Just save your mind from some diseases and your mind will make you rich. So, learn from this workshop the insight to heal the mind from mental illness and the special knowledge to create wealth!

Tantra Class

Thandra Vazhiyil Thambathya Valkai book & Class by Bodhi Pravesh There is no any other ecstasy in this existence to the human in comparison to the happiness which happens in between to the man and woman by the by-product of sex.

The ancient sexual scriptures like Kamasutra saying there are eight kinds of ultimate happiness to the wife as well as 2 types of ultimate happiness to the husband in sexual life.

The ultimate happiness which happens in sexual intercourse only soothing, sharpening and increasing the thinking power of the mind of human birth. The concept of sex through thandra is training for rescuing the spoiling families. And making both husband and wife live happily by way of increasing the sexual knowledge which is in need of men.

Art of thandra would transform you like a discreet and clarify you from all the sexual doubts which you hesitate to ask and say. The person who had the sexual knowledge through the art of thandra would love his wife really.

Moreover, he is recognized that has the complete knowledge of dispensing ultimate sexual happiness to his partner.


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