Vasanthabalan Speech About Velpari

Su Venkatesan won Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel Kaval Kottam. A portion of the historical novel that traces the history of Madurai, was made into the Tamil film ‘Aravaan’ by director Vasanthabalan.

Talking about ‘Velpari’, Vasanthabalan says this novel too will be made as a movie. “When I was in school, the houses of our friends and relatives will be filled with Ponniyin Selvan book. But, after that, there was a huge gap in historical works. Velpari has filled the vacuum.”

Ananda Vikatan and Venkatesan have joined forces to bring out the whole details of a generation that lived centuries ago, the ‘Angadi Theru’ and ‘Veyyil’ maker says, adding that Venkatesan deserves more honours like how Pari honoured Kabilar.

According to Vasanthabalan, he feels great to live in the times of Venkatesan. “The relationship between Venkatesan and me dates back to ‘Veyyil’ days. I was stunned to read ‘Kaval Kottam’. There used to be 8-10 books of Kaval Kottam in my office and all of us read it. It was while reading the book I first spoke to Venkatesan.

“The research Venkatesan did for Kaval Kottam was huge. He had given the same kind of research and hardwork to Velpari too. Right after the first two episodes of Velpari were published, I have been getting eager calls from film benefits of using trenbolone enanthate industry friends who wanted to make it as a film,” he reveals.

Stating that he was clueless about the life and struggles of Tamils of those days, Vasanthabalan says he came to know about those things through Velpari. Varalaru miga mukkiyam amaicharey, he signs off in a lighter vein.