Pala Karuppiah Speech About Velpari

“Venkatesan’s immense knowledge of Tamil and his quest to chronicle the lives of Tamils deserve special applause. Ananda Vikatan, which has successfully crossed 90 years, has made unparalleled achievements. The coming together of Venkatesan and Vikatan for Velpari has resulted in this book, which is an important literary work of modern times,” says literarian-politician Pala Karuppiah.

“After Thillana Mohanambal and Ponniyin Selvan, Vikatan has published Velpari. He is one of the oldest kings of Tamil Nadu. It is not an easy task to serialise a king’s life for over 100 weeks. Because, the writer has to sustain the interest of the reader. But Venkatesan and Vikatan have made this possible,” he says.

Venkatesan’s Sahitya Akademi winning novel Kaval Kottam is a best work. Velpari follows the suit. It has beautifully documented the life of Pari, his zeal for his land, his love for his people and more. Venkatesan has described even the minute details in an in-depth manner by making an intense research.

Narrating some chapters in the novel, Karuppiah says the conversations between Pari and his wife are very beautiful. Certain portions reminded me of Thirukkural’s Kamathu Paal, he stated. “Venkatesan seems to be good at narrating such things,” Karuppiah said in a lighter vein.

“At a time when the country is facing many challenges due to lack of noble sense among the people and the leaders, Venkatesan has come up with this book on a honest king. If his intention is to instill honesty in the minds of people, it should be lauded,” he says.

I would like to appreciate him for Velpari and Vikatan group for bringing out it as a beautiful book, Karuppiah says and adds that Tamils should be aware of the great qualities of Pari by reading this book.