Protein Packed Breakfast – MLA Mix

A balanced diet leads to a healthy and quality life. Breakfast is the first meal of each day and it is the most important to have your breakfast packed full of proteins. Our premium product ‘MLA MIX’ is a boon for those who prefer healthy options. MLA MIX is known as Moringa Leaves Adai Mix that is available in powder form which can be converted to the batter to make instant crispy dosas (Adai). The batter is specially formulated using carefully chosen high-quality ingredients to ensure maximum health benefits.

MORINGA- The key ingredient of this product is itself an Indian superfood. Moringa is known for its iron content and vitamin C content and acts as an excellent source to develop immunity. Moringa should be added to the diet in some form almost daily to ensure a good immune system and especially amidst pandemic situations it is very much needed to focus on immune health. This MLA MIX will surely be one good option for your entire family’s immune development starting from kids to elders.

‘Adai’ is an age-old Indian traditional dish that is prepared using Little millet, Kodo millet, rice, urud dhal, split gram lentil, aniseed, chili, moringa, and asafoetida, etc. Each ingredient has immense benefits. For most of us, it is a real challenge to pass a day without rice. Though we try our best to add millets to our diet, many of us may not be able to because not everyone in the family will give a thumbs up to millet recipes. In such cases, this MLA MIX can be the best option if you are trying to incorporate millets into your regular diet without feeling much difference. Along with Moringa in this adai mix, it will be a big threat to your tongue and also keeps you energetic throughout the day and satisfied. If you are very much concerned about calories, we would recommend you to try this product which keeps you full with small portions and doesn’t add extra calories.

Benefits Of Eating MLA MIX

How To Prepare Moringa Leaves Adai?

It is quite a long process to make adai batter at home and the result may not be as you expect at times as it may go wrong if each step is not done carefully. But with our MLA MIX, it is very easy to make crispy and tasty ‘Adai’ instantly and effortlessly.