Darlings Boost No-1 Plant Based Protein

“Darling’s Boost” is one of our fast-moving products for its authentic taste and excellent quality. Beyond these, our ‘Darling’s Boost’ has numerous health benefits for its key ingredient – ‘Sesame Seeds’. This product is basically known as ‘Ellu Podi’(sesame seeds powder), which is one of the authentic recipes of south India. This powder goes well when mixed with sesame oil or ghee accompanied with hot rice or idly/dosa.

‘Sesame Seeds’ are one of the best of their kind to be always had in stock in every Indian kitchen. It holds many interesting health benefits which many of us in this generation are not aware of and in turn have even forgotten to use such an excellent natural source of plant-based protein in our daily routine. In very recent years, there has been a gradual adaption to age-old methods of cooking, traditional ways of making recipes, using authentic practices to acquire good health and many more lifestyle changes are being followed by every Indian family.

Darling’s Boost- Organic product, is prepared in an authentic manner using spices such as sesame seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, curry leaves, chilies, and roasted chana dhal from the Indian kitchen. Each ingredient is carefully selected to maintain the best quality and taste in the market. Every ingredient used to make this ‘Ellu Podi’ has its own health benefits and has medicinal properties according to Ayurveda.

Being the key ingredient, sesame seeds play important role in improving the health of every customer in an efficient manner being a good source of fiber and protein. Our ready-to-eat sesame seeds powder will definitely be your family’s favorite ‘podi mix’ that can make your breakfast and lunch even more exciting. It makes working women job easier to prepare a quick breakfast and lunch on your busy days.

Darling’s Boost is available with us in varying quantities such as 10g, 100g, 200g, and 400g. Our 10g packet was introduced with the motive of providing the option for customers to first see a trial of how much they like when it comes to taste and quality. Once you try our product, we challenge you that you can never miss adding our ‘Ellu Podi’ to your shopping cart.

Health Benefits Of Darling’s Boost

Who Can Use This Product?

Sesame seeds and other ingredients in the product has its unique benefits and together helps in the betterment of entire health system. It can be consumed by every individual and even helps in kids’ health. Darling’s Boost is very much recommended for kids and helps in strengthening their immune system. Kids will love to eat ellu podi accompanied with hot and soft idlis and crispy dosas.

‘PREGNANT LADIES’ alone should not consume sesame seeds in first two trimesters as per our ancestors and doctors as it may affect pregnancy. So, we do not recommend this product for pregnant ladies until they complete 7 months of pregnancy period.

Apart from them it is safe and heathy for everyone and also can be used on daily basis in desired quantity.

Nature’s Gift For Vegetarians And Vegans

Yes! This is the best source of plant-based protein. Vegetarians and Vegans basically have very few options to add protein to their diet as they don’t have the habit of eating animal-based protein. Legumes like soy, chickpeas, red kidney beans etc. are the only options when it comes to plant based protein food but many of them may not consume them on regular basis as legumes may cause bloating when consumed often. Sesame Seeds are an excellent source of protein that is available naturally and you can confidently replace your chemical protein powders with our ‘Darling’s Boost’. A ‘Darling’ that should be in every kitchen to boost immunity!